Welcome to the Clay Café Red Barn’s new site for the purchase of our art products, ready meals & sweet treats, deli products and gift certificates for delivery during Covid-19 lockdown. We miss you all terribly at the Clay Café, but want you to all stay safe and carry on creating in the comfort of your homes. So ... we will bring the art to you, and a ready meal if you like, then you don’t need to worry about the cooking and can focus on the creating. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to having you in our café again as soon as regulations allow. Keep well and stay safe.
Please note: the cafe is not open to the public in the current lockdown level (4) and no collections may take place according to the regulations.

How it works - read here 1st

Please note: the cafe is not open to the public in the current lockdown level (4) and no collections from the cafe may take place according to the regulations.

1. Select the bisque items you want to order and confirm the quantity.
2. Three (3) containers of underglaze paints are included in the price of each bisque item. Select the colours and container for each colour that you want delivered with your bisque. If you would like additional colours, you can add these separately in the Underglaze Paint section to your cart for purchase.
3. You can then also add brushes and other tools to help with your creation to your order cart.

4. Select any of our ready meals and sweet treats in the Food section available for delivery if you wish to add them to your order. Our meals and treats are prepared fresh for each order, please note delivery may take 24-48 hours after payment confirmation has been received.
5. Your order will be confirmed by email and once the order is processed followed by an emailed invoice. Do not make any payments until you receive an invoice email from us.

Deliveries may only be made in Gauteng.
The following delivery fees apply and will be included in your invoice. This is distance of your delivery point from the Clay Café Red Barn:
a. 0 - 5km: R30
b. 5 - 10 km: R50
c. 10 - 15km: R70
d. 15 - 20 km: R90
e. 20 - 30 km: R110
f. 30 km +: R125 minimum subject to size and weight. No food
6. Please email your proof of payment for your order. At this stage we are only accepting EFT direct payments into our bank account.
7. Upon confirmation of payment we will confirm the delivery date and time via email.
8. For the return of your items for firing, we can collect if you place another order (request this in the comments on checkout and remember to include your reference number), or you can drop them off along with your paint pots at the café once the lockdown levels allow. We will then confirm a credit for any unused paint and pots returned and notify you when your items are fired and ready to take home as per our usual Whatsapp process. Lockdown regulations do not allow us to fire up the kilns yet or facilitate any collections.


All the items are un-fired stoneware bisque and will need to be returned to us marked with your specific reference number (allocated by us) after painting to be glazed and fired, after which all items are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Items will shrink by 8-12 % during the glaze and fire process. This pottery is a handmade product and is very fragile in its bisque state. Handle your items with care. There may be cracks that are not noticeable when painting the item, but become apparent once the item is high temperature fired.

Underglaze Paint

  • Add additional colours to your bisque order
  • Only underglaze paints can be used on ceramic bisque. If you intend to return your item for glazing and firing, please don't use oils, acrylic, poster or any other paint. These paints won't be able to be fired and glazed.
  • Use these swatches to see final glazed result - there will probably be some variances due to different screen settings.
  • The paint should be the consistency of thick cream or yogurt - if it has thickened too much add a teaspoon of water and stir well and repeat if necessary to achieve the desired consistency.
  • Apply 2 even coats with long overlapping strokes from the pot to achieve a solid background
  • For a WHITE background, leave it unpainted and start directly with your design.


Our meals are prepared fresh for your order. Once we’ve received payment confirmation, we get to work on your tasty items. We will be in contact as soon as they are ready to ship, so please note it may take 24-48 hours after payment confirmation has been received. Your items will then be delivered safely ready to be heated/frozen in the comfort of your home.

Be Inspired

This page will be updated on an ongoing basis. Many of the items featured here were painted by customers just like you

Here we aim to provide you with tips and techniques and some inspiration for you masterpiece.

Before painting quickly rinse any dust off your item under a tap, but do not over-saturate the bisque otherwise the paint will not adhere or apply easily and smoothly.

There are various methods to decorate your item apart from straight-forward painting:
a. Stickers
b. Stencils & Carbon Paper tracing
c. Stamps
d. Bubbles & Sponging
f. Dot Bottles – always use a paperclip to unclog the tip

Take note of the following:
• DO NOT use white paint for your background – the item will fire white
• Leave the foot/bottom unpainted, this area is where you need to paint on your reference number issued to you.
• Check the colour swatches in the Underglaze Paint section to see final glazed result - there will probably be some variances due to different screen settings.
• Paint 2 even coats (1 coat at a time) of underglaze to achieve a solid background before drawing, tracing or stamping your design.

Gift certificates

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